Online Store

In late 2012 we began a new chapter in our little adventure. In order to keep up with the modern retail environment we decided to invest in ecommerce module and redesign our website to support online sales. 


We undertake all repair work including frame repairs and modifications on steel, such as fitting disc mounts. We carry out routine servicing, restoration, wheel building, disc brake and suspension fork overhaul.

About Us

London Bicycle Workshop provides expert bike care to any kind of bicycle in the city. With over 20 years of experience working in and running professional workshops we believe we have the ability to repair, rebuild or customize any bicycle.


We take pride in our customer service and believe that our tailored advice to you as an individual will give you a bike that will meet your exact requirements.  Our website offers very competitive prices with FREE national delivery and if you need it, international delivery, with a service level you will find hard to beat.